Frequently Asked Questions

+Are the prices per vehicle or per person?
Prices shown and quoted are always per vehicle (not per person). The price you see is the price you pay to your driver or by phone in advance. Your driver will be aware of the pre-arranged price.  We have pricing tables to keep prices fare and all drivers are able to calculate prices so will know average costs per journey.
+How do I pay for my journey?
Payment is made by cash to the driver inside the taxi or minibus on the outbound journey, for both journeys if there is a return journey booked.  This helps you make sure you have the funds to get home and also ensures the return booking to be confirmed during busy times. If you have booked a single journey, this is payable on request before leaving the vehicle on the journey.

Payments made by card, if preferred, need to be through our call centre on 01953 444 444.  These also are required in advance of the journey.

+If I need a taxi within the next 24 hours, can I book it online?
You can book a transfer online, but we cannot guarantee your transfer unless you have received a full confirmation email from our staff. If you require a transfer within the next 24 hours we may not be able to confirm this by email. We cannot confirm bookings out of office hours.
+Will I have to share the Car or Minibus with others who are not in my party?
No, when you reserve a vehicle from us, no matter whether it is for 1 passenger or 8, the vehicle is exclusively yours for the journey. We only provide private taxis, not public transport.
+Where will my Taxi (or Minibus) driver meet me?
Your meeting point, if not obvious, is always arranged in advance with contact details exchanged for extremely busy areas or from points where we are unable to park. If you have a desired meeting point, please let us know on booking so we can make special arrangements.
+Does the taxi stop en route?
No, all journeys are direct, from door to door. Your taxi or minibus driver will only stop in case of emergency or if you specifically require a stop for a break or food.
+Are the taxis and minibuses fully licensed and insured?
All our vehicles are fully licensed by our Local Authority and are also fully insured through our Taxi Insurer. Be careful of bogus taxi advertisers as there are a number openly operating at many open areas without licenses and liability insurance.
+If I pay online, will there be additional fees requested by the driver?
Price quoted is for the journey you have described during your booking.  We can only charge you for what you tell us, so if there are further drops or extra requirements, then these will become additional charges at the end of your journey.  It is best to plan as early as possible and ask all members of the party if they would like individual drop offs or different locations before booking. This way we can work out the route and get you the best price possible.
+Can I order a baby seat or booster seat?

Booster seats are available to order in advance free of charge (subject to availability and notice).  Baby seats are a little more complicated due to the variety and sizing requirements.  We therefore are unable to provide baby seats on request, though will happily take excellent care of yours whilst you are away, and return it to you on your return journey.

We have a secure zone for such requests, as we know how important it is for your child to travel in the safest possible way.

+Are the drivers trustworthy?

All our drivers are vetted through the Home Office at a high level due to the nature of our contracts. We take driver attitude and reliability very seriously and have a close working relationship with them all to ensure this remains the case.

Our drivers are monitored through a notification database so if for any reason they ended up being processed through a police station we would know very quickly!

+I have been left stranded by another taxi company before, how can I prevent this?
Unfortunately trust is important when booking a taxi.  We have turned down many “better jobs” in the past to honour the booked job we had.  This behaviour sickens us, for which we feel licenses should be revoked for theses culprits.  We always honour every booking and this is a legally binding contract between the hirer and the hired.

If you have been let down by a supplier, then this should be reported to their local authority for attention as this endangers lives and damages the reputation of all other careful and safe operators like us.

+What if my flight is delayed?

All flights are constantly monitored so your driver will be at the airport to collect you when you arrive. Therefore if your flight is delayed there is no need to worry about paying costly waiting time as we will be aware of any delay. Your driver will wait for up to one hour free.  If you are able to let us know of your delay, we would gratefully appreciate this, even if we may already be aware.

Due to the travelling time to some Airports and Ports, and the relatively short journey times around Europe to the UK by plane; we may not know about the delay before we set off and therefore are unable to cover all the cost of the delay with the driver.  We can wait up to one hour free, but after this time have to add an additional fee of £10 per hour charged in 30 minute blocks.  We will always do our best to keep your costs down.

Drivers will always have to get authorisation from the office to leave the pickup point without passengers before actually leaving.  We make these decisions after assessing all the facts available and after extensive research from the airlines.

Full receipts can be provided in such case you may be able to claim against your airline or insurance for lengthy delays.